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Definition of Success 02

I just closed five browser tabs that are no longer relevant and only have four remaining tabs open, so yes, I’d say I finally have my life together.

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Conversations with a Hoarder 01

Boyfriend: That’s a cute shirt.
Girlfriend: Thanks! I’ve had it since seventh grade!
Boyfriend: That’s amazing! You fit into the same clothes you fit in 13 years ago!
Girlfriend: I knew this shirt would come back in style!

Husband: I didn’t know you were a hoarder.
Wife: I didn’t hide it.
Husband: Well it’s not like I saw your room at your parent’s house.
Wife: You knew I wore clothes from seventh grade. Why do you think I have clothes from seventh grade?

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New Years Resolution: Status Update

Resolution: Win a match against David in tennis.
Status: Lost 6-1, 6-2 today. Will try again next week.

Resolution: Be less of a hoarder.
Status: Was going to throw away this calendar, but realized I could use it again in seven years.
2015 Calendar









Resolution: Make a joke a day.
Status: Tennis loss triggered overwhelming despair. Need to make joke before tennis. Will try again tomorrow, if in a stronger emotional state.

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