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I volunteered to be a webmaster for my comedy group. This was absolute folly, because I don’t know anything about running a website (i.e. this here was my finest accomplishment), and, more importantly, it’s extra work.

The person who oversees our comedy group, however, is very kind and persistent, so I made the website. It actually looks so sleek; I can never do better.

Anyway yesterday I received a note that read, “What do you think about a ‘revamp’? I want to challenge us to do better.”






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I’m a little concerned about the overwhelming sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish watching a Netflix series.

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On What I’m Reading

When someone asks me, “What are you reading right now?”

I like to reply, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so they know they’re dealing with an aspiring magician.

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