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Month: August 2016

Where I am in life

I’m at this odd point in my life where I like getting my hand stamped at bars, so people know I’m cool and I frequent places where people under 21 try to go, but are restricted.

But I also can’t leave the stamp on my hand, because my friends with kids won’t let me hold their babies if they suspect I’m bad at washing my hands.



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Re-tracing my steps

When David goes out of town, I like to buy everything on our joint credit card, so he can re-trace my steps if anything should happen to me.

Today he called and asked, “Did you really go to Pinkberry four times yesterday?”

And I was like, “Are you judging me…. or confirming our credit card wasn’t stolen?”

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Dungeons and Dragons

I have joined a team of people to play Dungeons and Dragons, and there’s a 172 page manual you’re supposed to review beforehand.

Before the meeting, our Dungeon Master said we didn’t have to read it, but when I arrived at the first meeting where we declare our characters, class and race, it was instantly clear to me that everyone had done significant preparation work.

“That will be useful against the Drow,” said the Dungeon master, in response to one player’s suggestion. Everyone nodded as though that meant something to them.


Anyway, you’re probably wondering what I have selected for my character. Let me tell you: I’m a Barbarian High Elf. As a Barbarian, I’m not sure if I will select Path of the Ki Warrior or Path of the Shaman. “Why not Path of the Healer?” you ask. Well, good question. I think for the most part, it would be misguided of me to take on a role in the medicine space. What if I could not save my friends? I’d be devastated and unable to continue playing the game. The burden would be too much.

You’re probably also thinking, “A High Elf? You are the most grounded, open-minded writer I’ve ever read! You’re not one to look down on others!” Sure sure, this is a role play exercise though, so I thought I would dabble in superiority for a while. I suspect putting on airs might suit me just fine.

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