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Month: April 2008


Blog! My new comic is so funny! The characters are so wacky and fun, especially the female! She’s hilarious.  Who knows what these whimsical characters will be up to next?!

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Get Ready for Laughs

Hey there blog! How you doin’? I sincerely hope all is well with you and this entry finds you in good health.

Now that we’ve gotten the small talk out of the way, let’s move on to more important issues, shall we?

I’m quite thrilled to announce that I’ve made considerable progress on this site. Where before you would see a giant “ERROR” message when you navigated to, now you see a delightful cartoon as a spaceholder. These two characters will be the main characters in my upcoming cartoon strip.

The female is based on me. She is the character on the left. Bright-eyed, innocent, and friendly, she will be the source of mild entertainment as she faces encounters of the – you guessed it – awkward kind! The other character originally started out as a male paradigm. But then, I told my boyfriend the other character was him, because he looked bored. I said, “Looky here! This is me, and this is…You!!!” I poked him on the nose endearingly.

His indifference turned to excitement. “Awww! That’s me?!” he gushed.

“Yes!” I gushed back. He was so happy and easy to entertain. We are so good together.

What was I saying? Oh yes, through these characters I will create a personal microcosm that will address issues of great importance like my coming-of-age experiences, my work experiences, my school experiences, and my food choices. Yes, I’ve made this site even more shamelessly self-aggrandizing, but at least I’m using pictures to do it now. This shows creativity dexterity.

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Winning 'Em Over

In an effort to impress my soon to be advisor, I’ve reviewed his resume and looked up works he has published.

I originally planned to really wow him with my knowledge of his knowledge. Here is how I imagined our first meeting would go:

Me: Hi, I’m so excited to be working with you. I’ve read your book!

Advisor: Really?

Me: Absolutely! Let me just say that your ______ on ______ was really inspiring. Never before have I seen ____ approached through such a compelling, ___ist view before. I specifically appreciated the parallel between _____ and _____ you revealed. Although, I do have some follow up questions for you regarding the piece you cited. It’s quite controversial.

Advisor: You know, it’s so refreshing to have a student that is so passionate about my work.

Me: Well it’s hard not to be, and we both know the _________ Award committee agrees with me *wink*.

My plan was perfect, I thought. Impenetrable.

So I set out on my journey to read all of his work, and sure enough, I didn’t understand a word of it! Not a word!

I was all like, “WUT?!” as I perused chapter one of his award winning doctoral thesis.

After looking up a few words, I realized he loathes to resort to basal terms when a labyrinthine alternative exists.   I eloquently concluded, “Well, fu@&!”as I defenestrated plan A.

So now that I’ve realized it’s going to be a lot of effort to figure out what he’s saying so as to appropriately populate my brilliantly self-made Mad Libs round above, I have to find a new plan, and rest assured, dear blog, I already have.  I’m going to apply self tanner.  Sorry blog, by “new plan” I meant, “I’m going to find something more productive to do tonight.”

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