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Month: January 2021

Uh, another update I guess

It’s January 18 already. My goodness. I think my previous post was pre-January 6. A simpler time? No. A complicated time. Now it’s just _more_ complicated.
Our neighbors used to have a blue line flag on their porch, and on January 8 I noticed it wasn’t up anymore. I originally thought they took it down because they realized it was potentially a hate symbol, or at least carried by people full of hate. But now I wonder if they took it down because they needed it for the rally!

If something happens to me suddenly, I need David to know I loved him deeply. Even though we’ve had several arguments these past couple weeks, I’m so lucky to have him. I still listen to love song lyrics and think of David. “Oh, this is love, love, love, love, precious love,” or “You want me, I want you, baby, My sugarboo, I’m levitating.”

Edit: I wrote this on January 18 and never published it, because it was incomplete. Publishing now.

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A New Year (2021)


Last year I was so annoyed any time someone sad, “Happy New Year!” It wasn’t a happy one for me, and I understood the people who disliked the holiday season because it reminded them of loss.

This year I was very cautious about saying Happy New Year. Mostly because, as I read on twitter but can’t find the tweet, I think 2021 might show up to the party as as 2020 with a fake mustache.

But the important thing about New Years are that they are the closest thing we have as a way to remind ourselves to re-set. I actually have three New Years I get to celebrate:

The Gregorian New Year (January)
The Persian New Year (March – first day of Spring)
The Jewish New Year (September – Rosh Hashanah)

Up until 2021, I’ve only treated January as a potential re-set or a time to set goals. This is silly, we should be setting goals all the time. I should at least be setting them three times a year. So this is the year I set more goals. I’m going to set goals constantly.

Here are the goals for today in no order:

1) Write a blog post – CHECK
2) Edit 100 files for work – IN PROGRESS
3) Bike at least 30 minutes and do a CORE workout.
5) Move the bag of cookies away from my desk – NOT NOW I NEED TO EDIT 100 FILES TODAY, I NEED THE COOKIES

Oh one more thing! I was watching the garbage team empty our bin this morning (with baby, it’s not just a thing I do) and the garbage person hanging off the back of the truck WAS A LADY! YES! We made it, girls! This is not a role I had seen a woman in before. Maybe this will serve as a metaphor for women cleaning up our global mess in the coming year.

Also while emptying the dishwasher one of our plates broke, because my daughter likes to pull them out fast and I wasn’t fast enough getting it out of her hands. I hope this serves as a metaphor for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Have a good day.

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