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Month: June 2009

I Can't Get Enough!

Hello there blog!

On Saturday, I learned about Stop Motion video shorts. They are so cool! Stop Motion video shorts are when you use a series of photos to make up a video. It’s really time consuming, but the result is super fun! So then blog, guess what I stayed up Saturday night doing? If you guessed, “Not post in your trusty blog,” you guessed right. Well done. What sass you have, blog! Get over it. Your bitterness is unbecoming, blog, unbecoming.

No more suspense! I also made a Stop Motion short! I’m so proud of it! In honor of the boyfriend and my two year anniversary, I bring you this.

Before you see it, though, I should explain an inside joke. On a road trip we went on, there was a Decemberists song playing on the radio. He listened and said, poignantly, “This is the Decemberists,” and then after a thoughtful pause, he said, even more poignantly, “I like….”

I leaned in in eager anticipation of the golden words he would choose to follow up his “I like…” and eventually realized he was done thinking. Noun + “I like.” soon became our little inside joke.

Alright, now that you know the premise, take a look!

Here is a link to a QuickTime version.

2 Year Anniversary Stop Motion

Here is the youtube post:

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I Wear Prada (Sort of. Not really. Not even a little. Sometimes I wear Payless.)

On Sunday, I made one small leap for me, one giant leap for fashion-kind.

Blog, I have discovered, yes, discovered, a whole new layering approach that will revolutionize how awesome I look when I go out.

First, I took a halter dress.  It can be patterned. It just so happened that I had the perfect black and white halter dress.  For those of you that are not in-the-know, a halter dress is a dress that has straps that go around the neck, instead of over each shoulder.

Then, blog, this is where it gets good, I put a single colored, snug, assymetrical shirt on TOP of the halter dress.  So, over one shoulder, you could see the design of the halter dress and a shoulder.  Over the other shoulder you just see the shirt.

This fashion discovery is brilliant for many reasons.  First, most days it is too chilly for just a halter dress. It usually has to be over 80 degress for a halter dress to accommodate the halter-dress-wearer’s warmth needs.  But a shirt + halter accomodates 72-90 degree weather comfort. Second, it’s almost like an entirely new outfit!  You’ve essentially turned your dress into a skirt and created a whole new top for the pattern.  Third, depending on the halter dress, you can dress it down or up with this slick approach.  So let’s say you’re going on a date and you’re not sure if it’s casual or classy, you can simply remove or leave the assymetrical shirt as you feel appropriate.

I was so excited about my discovery that I wore the ensemble Sunday, and I plan to wear the same outfit again Thursday night and Friday night!  Disgusting? Not if you’ve seen how awesome the combination looks!

You’re welcome, society. You’re welcome.

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