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Month: July 2011

Week 9.5

David has been out of town and has been too busy to call, I presume. I made a playlist of songs to reflect how sad this made me. I titled the playlist “Sad 2011,” which seems a bit dramatic, but I thought if I named it “Sad – July 2011,” it would seem as though being sad was a monthly occurrence, and that’s not the case. And if I named it, “David didn’t call” it would suggest the songs were all phone inspired, and that is also not the case.

I think the playlist name is appropriate because I don’t have enough material to make numerous, specific sad playlists. By naming it Sad 2011 it can be a go-to sad list. So if I’m sad David did not call, I can use the playlist, or if I’m sad because there’s no congressional consensus on the budget, I can use the playlist. It’s a robust playlist title.

Here is the song I feel reflects my mood best:

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Week 8

It’s no secret that David and I love a good meal. And while we can navigate a restaurant menu with the dexterity of a seasoned pilot, our skills in the kitchen are a different story. Thus, every evening we struggle with the same dilemma:

Me: David I’m home!
David: Hello!
Me: I’m so hungry.
David: No, I am hungry!
Me: I haven’t eaten all day.
David: I ate a banana.
Me: What are we going to eat?
David: ….

And thus our nightly adventures begin. We spend the following hour debating different restaurants and weighing the merits of going to the grocery store. This exercise is actually very useful because during this hour, time passes, as it is wont to do, and restaurants and grocery stores close, thereby eliminating themselves as options.

Long post short: I’ve managed to lose a few pounds.

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