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Month: August 2007

Sweater vest?

Hello blog!

Usually, I wouldn’t write in you after making such huge promises of site progress, and then not even making a tiny effort to follow through.¬† Rather, I would ignore you for months and then return with even grander promises. That’s just how I roll.

Today is an exception, however, because our system is sort of down and I am unable to do work for which I am paid. So I turn to you, in my time of boredom.

So…it’s Thursday…and the weather is really nice…and…uh….I’m going to have some fruit for lunch…and have you heard that song “Naive” by The Kooks? It’s pretty catchy. You probably haven’t heard it – it’s Indie. It’s big in the UK though.

More importantly, I’ve been very seriously considering changing my warddrobe. My go-to ensembles include fitted hooded sweatshirts,¬†jeans, and button down shirts.

I am now thinking about embracing vests, specifically, sweater vests. It would be a rather bold transition to make, and I may not be able to make it. Stay tuned, dear blog, for a fashion adventure may be right around the corner.

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Dear Blog,

I realize I’ve been a little distant, but I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you in my time away. I wasn’t able to write because sometimes other things in my life take priority. What was so important that I neglected you? Well, I was reflecting, if you must know. On what? Life. Duh. I looked inward. For months.

Okay maybe that’s a lie. I was away on business. Now I’m back!

Many important things happened during my time away. First and foremost, I adjusted to a new time zone. I have also made international friends. I can prove this through online social networking tools that connect us together now. This is important because upon my return I was able to say to my parents: “Behold my new international friends, their pictures, and their favorite movies. So you see, mum and pop, I have friends.”

Secondly, I have become more worldly. This was inevitable as soon as I got onto the plane and crossed an ocean. I now have a refined taste in music and an eye for sophisticated accoutrement.

What does this all mean for you, imawkward blog? Well it means growth! It means progress! It means hope. No more blog entries about how the site is coming soon. Future blog entries will be about how the site is up and running. This site is finally going to get made! Maybe.

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