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About I’m Awkward

Hello from Im Awkward

I’m Awkward was started in 2007, when the term “awkward” was used pejoratively.

In 2011, MTV launched a teen comedy series called “Awkward” and in doing so did what MTV does best: combine brilliant writing with Oscar-worthy acting to shed light on a topic too bold for mainstream media to tackle. The show is brilliant and all of the show’s viewers are made more brilliant by watching it, as is the case with all MTV original content. Just kidding. I have no idea whether the show is brilliant, because in  2011, I (the Editor in Chief) transformed from Awkward to Cool.

Yes. You read correctly. I’m cool now. I’ve been cool for years.

As you know, people change, but URLs don’t. This site was too popular to re-brand by the time I blossomed into the majestic, social swan than I am now, so we have kept the I’m Awkward name.

I’m Awkward is a collection of thoughts and five comics. Designed as a creative sandbox, has been a source of of laughter and inspiration for many ordinary people…and many celebrities.

On our top left, we have an animated gif of the original site mascot, waving. Welcome to I’m Awkward. We hope your enjoy your stay.


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