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Month: November 2007

Let me eat cake

Yo Blog,
Today is yet another busy day at work, so I’ll have to keep this one brief.

This morning, I asked myself, “Do you know what would make today great?”

And then, I promptly answered, “Having a piece of cake for lunch.”

So, I took out the cake in the fridge, cut it neatly, and put it into a plastic bag. Then I put my fruit and yogurt and banana into my lunch bag, and headed out of the house. Around 10:30am, I decided it was time to dive into my piece of cake – I had waited long enough.

This is where our story takes a turn for the worse.

I opened my lunch bag only to realize that I had neglected to put my bag o’ cake into my lunch bag. It was disheartening, blog. I couldn’t have looked more sad.

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Second Friday in November

Today is Friday, it’s the second Friday in November
And it’s cold, and rainy, let’s hope it won’t be this way in December.
I’m working hard doing my day to day tasks
I’m not blogging ;), if anyone asks.

So I’m excited about tonight, because I’m going to go out, drink and be witty,
And in the morning I’m taking a bus to the big city!
Oh what fun it will be to be out and around town,
I won’t think about work – that would make me feel down.

I will be with good friends and have oh so much fun
Yay, this weekend will truly be an awesome one!
It stinks when it’s cold, windy and biting
But the winter months are always so exciting.

There’s holiday music all over the air,
And hot chocolate milk for people to share.
Lights, wreaths, and random decor fill the street,
And you are met with kind smiles by all the people you meet.

Because it’s the end of the year, and people come together
Everyone is warm, in spite of the cold weather.
So yay for this Friday, this second Friday in November.
I bet this weekend will be awesome, an awesome one to remember =)

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Sharing is Caring

BLOG, I have important news to share with you. Such news is of such great importance that I am shocked that I have been able to keep it from you for so long. It boggles the mind, blog, how long I have been able to withhold such valuable information. My ability to refrain from sharing a piece this significant is perhaps the eighth greatest natural wonder of the world.

Blog, I am in fact perplexed about why I was able to _not_ share that which I have not been sharing yet. I am deeply troubled, blog, by my ability to keep this morsel of noteworthy goodness from you. Are we not dear friends, blog? Do I not share everything with you? Why have I been so distant? Who knows?! Don’t take it personally, blog, it’s not you. It’s me. Maybe. Maybe it’s you, blog. Maybe you’re bad at keeping secrets. I told you about eating yogurt once, blog, and sure enough, next thing I know, a couple days later, one person asks me about yogurt. How could he have guessed I eat yogurt?! You probably blabbed, blog, you have no restraint. I can’t tell you anything.

What have you got to say for yourself?!

Whatever blog. I forgive you. I mean, technically the yogurt thing wasn’t a secret.

Anyway, like I was saying, I have some pretty big news.

I got a new cell phone. It’s sleek; it’s sophisticated; it’s sexy; it’s totally me. The ring tones that come with the phone are all inspired by rave music, so every time someone calls it’s like a party in my hand. Other people look on when my phone rings, enviously no doubt.

The phone also has a built in camera, so I am able to take pictures of a quality resolution when I feel inspired by something. For example, the other day I saw a good looking guy. I was inspired and took his picture and set it as the backdrop on my cell phone.

I also bought a kit with the phone that lets me treat it like a music player too. This way, when I am not using the phone to chat with my friends, or taking inspirational pictures, I can be listening to music.

The phone, dear blog, has also caught the eye of many of my peers and friends. I’ve heard people making admiring comments like, “Is that your new phone?” and “New phone, huh.” Sometimes I’m embarrassed by that kind of hullabaloo around the new phone.

“Yeah,” I’ll reply sheepishly. I don’t know why they make such a fuss about it. I mean I know why, because the phone is sleek, sophisticated and sexy and can take pictures and play music, but like is that stuff even important? I guess so. I mean, yeah, it’s pretty important. Who am I kidding? It’s really important. Oh blog.

It’s too bad you are not as cool as me with my new phone. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to tell you. The truth hurts.

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