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Month: November 2020

More Words

She can say “Dada” and “Baba.” “Baba” is Farsi for “Dad.”

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Her First Word

Her first word was really “no.” She says “Na na na na” and waves you off to reject whatever you have offered her that she does not care for. She started this around 10-11 months.

Her second word is “duck.” She whispers it once and does not repeat it. We only know this because we have independently experienced this phenomenon at 14 months and one week.

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It’s November 2020

Hello! It’s November 2020. On October 31st, I did not reach my goal of biking 150 miles in October. I was 15.3 miles short of 150 or something. I was so mad at myself. I vowed to make November better. I vowed to make progress toward an improved me, in November. I also thought, “You don’t care about biking. Who cares if you did not bike 150 miles? But you know what you care about? Writing. You care so much about writing. So you know what your November goal needs to be? To write EVERY DAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY.” These are the thoughts I had on October 31st.

Today is November 2nd, I did not write yesterday. I also did not exercise yesterday.

But I’m here now. Writing.

Writing is a little tricky, because the last time I wrote about being happy, things took a turn for the worse the next day.

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