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Hello Baby!

Hello Baby!

Today is April 2, 2014, and your mom and dad are at the hospital waiting for you to be born. They were admitted to the delivery room around 5:30am. Mike, your father, is usually awake around this time, I think, so it sounds like you two are already on the same schedule.

You are being born to two wonderful people, who are so excited to have you. You have been super loved from the very beginning. And you were conceived out of love too, as I suspect you were conceived on my birthday, a day we always like to celebrate with your mom and dad. Nobody has confirmed or denied this, but I know it to be true.

Now, by the time you’re old enough to read this, around two, I presume, you may be pre-occupied with worldly matters, but I want you to know about your parents too! So here’s a short list:

– Your parents are fun, in the best way possible. They laugh a lot, and they make clever jokes. They once formally invited David over to cultivate their land, after David expressed interest in agriculture. They have taken us apple picking many times, and the trips were always full of laughter. The first time we went on our apple picking trip, Mike pulled down a branch so Sara could pluck the apple. That was fiercely romantic. There was also talk of a meat-bomb, which threw your father and David into fits of laughter, but Sara and I agreed this was a curious phenomenon that only they would share.

– Your parents are kind. In addition to volunteering, they are so quick to help out people who need a hand.

– Your parents are really good looking. Not all parents are good looking. As a child, I was confused when I met children with unattractive parents. I didn’t know that was a thing, as I too was blessed with good-looking parents. So, it’s best you learned now: your parents are better looking than other parents. Keep that information to yourself though; it’s rude to point it out.

– Your parents are smart and hardworking. Sara educated us about farm-raised eggs. Mike knows so much about cars. And both of them understand jokes: subtle and not subtle ones, very quickly. They also have a great work ethic. Seven years ago, they were not long-distance runners, but they trained and practiced, and now are incredible athletes, because they worked really hard at it together. I think Sara runs an 8 minute mile, which is ridiculous.

– Your parents are super sweet. This past weekend, they had us over for pizza and ice cream, and let us stay late to watch the UVA vs. Michigan State basketball game, even though they were really tired and do not care about basketball. And then during half-time, they set up their TV so we could show them two commercials that were not as wonderful as we had built them up to be. And they did this with a smile on their faces the whole time, because they’re wonderful.

So, Baby, you’re probably wondering what the point of this note is. Well, you’re about to enter this world, and maybe you won’t get to see your parents as David and I do, because they might be tired or busy, or because they’re your parents, so they can’t show you their fun side until you’re a mature adult. Or you might be a handful; we have no idea. But you should know you have incredible parents. And they love you. And we love you. And we’re excited to start new adventures with you in our couple’s clubhouse.

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