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Month: August 2008

From that day on, I wuz runnin' 2

Blog, today I went to the shoe store and bought me some new shoes. Specifically, I bought running shoes. As you know, I am running a 10 mile run soon, and step one for training was to buy running shoes. Step one – check!

In order to ensure that I would be training in the appropriate shoes, I went to a store that has an expert examine a person’s run to see what kind of shoe would be the best fit. The sales person asked me to take off my shoes, and I did. Then he asked me to walk around. I walked around, and he put one knee on the ground and one index finger thoughtfully on his chin to let me know that he was carefully evaluating my stroll. “The inside of your foot rolls” he concluded, when I was done walking. “That means you’ll need more support in the heel area.” I think that’s what he said. I wasn’t really following what he was actually saying because I thought I had an impeccable walk, and to hear that something was rolling incorrectly caught me off guard.

It gets worse, blog.

Then he asked me what size shoe I was. “Seven and a half,” I replied. He looked at me skeptically, so I continued, “Sometimes eight.”

And he said, “Yes, maybe an eight…wide?”

He might as well have slapped me. “What? I mean, I guess my feet are a little wide, but I don’t usually get wide width shoes. These socks I’m wearing don’t do my feet justice, really. As you can see, they’re baggy.”

He went in the back and brought me different wide width shoes, in a size eight and a half. I tried the first pair on, and it was really roomy around the toe area. Then I tried another pair, and learned it cost $135, so I made up an excuse about that one not working for me either. And then I tried on the third pair, and it was okay and cheaper than the other one. I stood there, with the shoes on, and I finally said, “Um, the thing is, I really hate running. After this 10 miler, I never plan to run again. Sorry, no offense to your sport, but could you check that sale rack over there and tell me if there are any shoes that would be good for my foot that are half off or something?”

Unfortunately, there was not a shoe that was on sale that could accommodate my flawed feet. Anyway, blog, I might start running soon!

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