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Category: Odes to David

Ode to David

David I love your medium-length curly hair.
I think you look sweet, strong and debonair
For Halloween you’re going to be Mandy Patinkin
At least right now that’s what you’re thinking.

These last few weeks have felt longer than most
But you were so good, to myself I boast.
You mixed the medications, you got up early,
You weren’t your morning self, which is rather surly.

We made jokes that I so wish I wrote down
And when I was difficult you were the clown
You made me laugh even though it hurt
You cooked us tasty salmon and got us dessert.

This morning’s blood draw shows we’re on track
We’ll review the clinical trial, a little to unpack.
And you have to do your part as well.
You’ll stroke your manhood and it shall swell.

Tomorrow’s the day for retrieval surgery!
Let’s hope Kavanaugh gets slapped with perjury!
Anyway, to phase 1 we can finally say adieu
And I want you to always know this, I love you.

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Marriage Anniversary

David and I married five years ago.

If you were to ask me, “What the biggest difference in your relationship between then and now?” I would thoughtfully reply, “In 2011, I was winning all of my tennis matches against David. In 2016, I haven’t even won a set.”

Then you might say, “Haha, would you have it any other way?”

And I would say, “Yes, obviously. If it were up to me, I’d still be winning.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go practice.

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Things to Know

In light of recent events, specifically: I have a stye inside my lower eye-lid, which has made me think about my mortality; and Robin Williams passed away, which has flooded the internet with articles about comedians and depression, I feel inclined to write a post that is more personal than usual.

If this stye is to be the random-end-of-me, I want the world to know a couple things:

1) I was an aspiring comedienne, meaning I always wanted to make people laugh. Whether it was through writing, sketch, improv or standup, the vision/dream was always for people to engage with me and walk away smiling.

2) I am happy. And I am lucky. My parents have always been so kind and loving to me, my siblings have made it so that I always have a best friend around, my friends are awesome, and my David is…well when I think about David, I suspect that is the universe’s way of saying, “Hey there, I want you to feel warm, delighted, challenged, loved, and laugh all the time, so here is David. Look into his eyes and know happiness.”

Here is a picture of David.

What a stud!
Makes me happy every day.
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An Ode to David’s True Love

David I love your short curly hair
And your love for Star Trek is beyond compare.
At night you watch it and don’t make a peep
Then dream of Next Gen and smile in your sleep.

You first watched it when you were a young boy
And today still enjoy Deanna Troi.
Geordi, Crusher, Riker, Captain Picard
Make turning off the TV each night quite hard.

And the one you think is the very best –
Well you struggle with putting the issue to rest:
I picked up your phone when it was by the bed
“Data or Worf,” was the last page you read.

I like it too! Each story’s a surprise
When we’re following along on the Enterprise.
David, my love for you does truly grow
To watching Star Trek each night, I say, “Make it so.”

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Another Ode to David

David I love your short curly hair.
I love your cowboy hat that sits on the chair.
And I like the hat you bought in Phoenix.
It’s like your hat collection embraced a remix.

And I like your sunglasses, the aviators the most,
They’re prescription too, I’ll hear you boast.
And I like your shoes, pretty much every one.
Wait – I won’t be sad when your flip flops are done.

Your jeans are great too! They’re blue and faded.
They’re hip and current and not at all dated.
And your new socks are in fun patterns like argyle
I hope the bright colored ones stay bright for a while.

But more than these accessories, I prefer the base
What I mean by that line is I like your face!
And I’m so excited for you to come home
I wrote you this awkwardly rhyming poem.

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An Ode to David’s Electronics

David I love your dark curly hair.
It matches all of the cool outfits you wear.
And it matches your electronics very much as well,
But all of those items are not as swell.

I think you have a terrible addiction –
Thankfully not a medical affliction
But you love new gadgets, you really do.
Not having the new google phone makes you blue!

And you research new tablets all the time,
But I really can’t tell why each is sublime.
So you tell me, excitedly, about the new feature,
Alas it’s like speaking to a foreign creature.

It all looks the same, but it brings you such glee!
I do like to see you look so very happy
And I’ll be supportive, not be a boor,
But boy will I be mad if this love makes us poor.

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An Ode to David’s Tennis

David I love your fun curly hair
I love playing tennis as a pair
And even more fun than playing together
Is when we play against one another.

Your backhand is weak, it is not strong
And so I hit to it non-stop, that’s not wrong
It’s for your own good, it’ll make you better
One day it’ll be perfect; by the letter!

And I’ve noticed you’ve been coming to net more.
That’s good because the same game is a bore,
And it forces me to practice my net skills.
When we’re both up there it’s a battle of wills.

I plan to win all the battles David, I love to win!
And when you throw your racket it makes me grin.
Because you’re a better player than me I know it’s true.
Anyway it’s fun to play tennis, especially against you.

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A Gift for David?

David I love your short curly hair
But holiday season just isn’t fair
I’m troubled thinking of a gift for you
What can I buy to show my love is true?

At the bookstore, there was a comic, saw you eye it.
I told you quickly, “Today, you must not buy it,”
You thought that was fine, you agreed you would wait,
And two days later, I saw you’d bought eight!

Then at the Mac store, you liked that Mac mini thing
And I thought, “Yay! For holidays, one of those I’ll bring,”
Then in the apartment, I noticed there was already one
“Yeah,” you shrugged, “I was seeing what Mac had now done.”

I frantically twirl my thumbs, I rack my brain,
Gift buying for you is driving me insane.
Shall it be a meal at a restaurant, somewhere we eat
Or shall it be some clothing, something unique?

Maybe dance lessons, a gift probably more for me,
Or some dessert wine, but you can’t drink with Brie
Perhaps a montage of photos from this year
Or a singing telegram who gives a stuffed reindeer.

I want to get you something thoughtful and cool
That will make you think, “My fiancee’s no fool.”
But what will it be? I have no idea quite yet
Let’s hope it’s a good purchase, not something you regret.

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