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Month: December 2010

A Gift for David?

David I love your short curly hair
But holiday season just isn’t fair
I’m troubled thinking of a gift for you
What can I buy to show my love is true?

At the bookstore, there was a comic, saw you eye it.
I told you quickly, “Today, you must not buy it,”
You thought that was fine, you agreed you would wait,
And two days later, I saw you’d bought eight!

Then at the Mac store, you liked that Mac mini thing
And I thought, “Yay! For holidays, one of those I’ll bring,”
Then in the apartment, I noticed there was already one
“Yeah,” you shrugged, “I was seeing what Mac had now done.”

I frantically twirl my thumbs, I rack my brain,
Gift buying for you is driving me insane.
Shall it be a meal at a restaurant, somewhere we eat
Or shall it be some clothing, something unique?

Maybe dance lessons, a gift probably more for me,
Or some dessert wine, but you can’t drink with Brie
Perhaps a montage of photos from this year
Or a singing telegram who gives a stuffed reindeer.

I want to get you something thoughtful and cool
That will make you think, “My fiancee’s no fool.”
But what will it be? I have no idea quite yet
Let’s hope it’s a good purchase, not something you regret.

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