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Month: February 2014

On Discovering

I feel like the word “discovered” is used incorrectly a lot, by me. So when I use it I have to justify it immediately.
“I discovered a new soy-glazed salmon recipe…in my cookbook. Yes, it was a harrowing journey through the pages and I lived to tell the tale.”

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An Ode to David’s True Love

David I love your short curly hair
And your love for Star Trek is beyond compare.
At night you watch it and don’t make a peep
Then dream of Next Gen and smile in your sleep.

You first watched it when you were a young boy
And today still enjoy Deanna Troi.
Geordi, Crusher, Riker, Captain Picard
Make turning off the TV each night quite hard.

And the one you think is the very best –
Well you struggle with putting the issue to rest:
I picked up your phone when it was by the bed
“Data or Worf,” was the last page you read.

I like it too! Each story’s a surprise
When we’re following along on the Enterprise.
David, my love for you does truly grow
To watching Star Trek each night, I say, “Make it so.”

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