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Congratulations Readers, I’m Alive!

Connor pointed out that for four months, the most recent post on this site was about preparing for surgery. Since there was no post after that, a casual reader might conclude I had died.

Well, terrific news, rather then die, I truly LIVED these past four months!

Here’s a recap:

The surgery went okay. Since I was under anesthetic, I have NO WAY OF KNOWING WHETHER THEY DID ANYTHING. Half of me believes the procedure is part of a racket. And by half of me, I really mean 75% of me. The surgery was supposed to make it easier for me to conceive, but here I am, typing this entry, four months later, just me. When I cradle my stomach, it is only in shame, because rather than being full with child, it is full with marzipan and chocolate.

David is out of town this week, so major household decisions are in my hands. Yesterday I thought about getting a dog. I even explored a website where you can adopt dogs. But then, as though a sign from the heavens, our neighbor’s dog started barking. Since I could hear the barking through the walls, it was as though it was my own dog barking. I imagined what it would be like, to truly be in the same room as a barking dog. “A nightmare,” I concluded, and closed the pet adoption browser window.

We went to Hawaii. It was AMAZING. It made me remember the world is big and beautiful, and small things should not distress us.

Oh also, here’s neat story about fiscal responsibility: I ordered clothes I didn’t need from Athleta, but since I didn’t need them, I did NOT pay for expedited shipping. So I was expecting them to arrive on the 22nd, but they arrived TODAY – 9 days early! I didn’t frivolously spend on shipping, and it paid off!

One more fun story: today at the dentist, my hygienist was impressed to see that my gum situation had improved. I took a peak at her chart, and she changed “aggressive periodontitis” to “chronic periodontitis.”
“I didn’t know know I had aggressive periodontitis,” I told her. But also in my head, I thought, “Shouldn’t someone have told ME that? Maybe I would have flossed or used that prescription toothpaste they gave me.” She laughed and said, “You sure did! But whatever you are doing now is definitely improving the situation.” I believed her, because she asked me five times what I had been doing differently. It wasn’t flossing, that’s for sure, so I told her: “Drinking more water and trying to get enough sleep!”

*Blissful sigh* That was fun.

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