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My recent posts have been abysmal. This is not my fault. Just kidding, obviously it is.

Well it’s late September, and a lot has happened since the last online posting: I’ve done more stand-up, written more sketches, and practiced more tennis. I was also a groomsman in a wedding. I took this role really seriously, as I do any time I am appointed to stand by my friend’s side as a trusted friend to see them off into a lifetime of happiness. The ceremony was beautiful, and the bride and groom looked stunning. The speeches were also spectacular, and I captured them all on video. The only problem is that I’m not good at capturing video, so the quality of video is very poor.

Weddings are always a great opportunity to practice meeting new people. During the rehearsal dinner, I spoke with a lovely young woman and her husband rather extensively. We spoke about their custom wedding ring, the meal, how long they had been married, and shared compliments about the bride the groom. I was so pleased to have had a successful social encounter with new people.

The next day, I spoke with this woman again, and we talked about how great the wedding was. I also commented that the rehearsal dinner was top-notch as well, and she shared that she could not remember anything from the rehearsal dinner, because she was a high functioning narcoleptic. So even though she might have seemed awake, she was fast asleep for the entire event. I said, “Oh, but we had an extensive conversation yesterday!” and she said, “Did we?! I don’t remember any of it!” and laughed.


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