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I love New York

I got off a subway stop in New York, and I decided to exit from the Southwest exit of my stop. I walked up the stairs, and between the middle and top of the stairs, there was a man that I judged, based on the way he was dressed, to be homeless. He looked at me,  tied the plastic bag he was holding, and pulled up his pants.

I paused a little, to give him time to move up the stairs and me an opportunity to turn around and go the other way if necessary. He went up the stairs, so I went up the stairs too, leaving 10 steps between us. When he got to the top of the stairs and exited the station, not even a full block later, I saw him casually throw that plastic bag over his head and into an open window of a second floor apartment.  Then he kept walking up the street.

There were trash bins on the corner of the subway station exit, but that is not where he decided to throw his bag of garbage.

I walked by that same window the next day, and it was closed. Perhaps those owners learned their lesson.

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