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To De-clutter or Not to De-clutter

I’m thinking about buying tights that can be used for exercise that also have some fun patterns. No firm decisions yet, just thinking about it.

In the interview President Obama had with Jimmy Fallon, he points out that the best time to be alive in history is now. I believe that to be true. In the early ’90s, tights with fun patterns were popular, but they weren’t used for exercise. I saw tights that also serve as reflectors the other day. So if you’re running at night, and there’s a car on the road, they will shine: stylish, safe, and fun.

The future is now.

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A Display of Bravery

The other day, Laura said to me, “I’ve noticed you wear tights a lot, as pants.”

I said, “Yes,” because she was correct. Thick tights, a long shirt, and boots or flats are a staple in my wardrobe.

She continued, “You’re so brave.”

I nodded, “It’s the bravest thing I do.”

And then, as I held back a tear, I whispered, “I’m so glad someone finally noticed.”

Here are some other brave things I do:

  • Cancel my gym membership by waiting for my credit card to expire and neglecting to provide the gym my updated credit card information.
  • Use the internet.
  • Tip baristas, even when my coffee tastes terrible, because that could have been me, making terrible coffee. Fate just dealt me a different, better hand.
  • RSVP early and often to party invitations.
  • Selectively “like” untagged photos on Facebook, so the user knows I took the time to go through their album of photos one-by-one.
  • Eat multivitamins, once in while.
  • Tell people I’m “on the way and traffic is looking bad” when I am standing in front of my closet, debating polyester or wool.
  • Take public transportation.
  • Slay ennui by writing comedy sketches and demanding everyone read them and give me feedback, but probably not take the feedback, because Picasso didn’t accept feedback either, maybe.
  • Hoard, because you never know when you’ll need something again.
  • Host a book club.

Gosh, that list was really easy to write.


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