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Second Friday in November

Today is Friday, it’s the second Friday in November
And it’s cold, and rainy, let’s hope it won’t be this way in December.
I’m working hard doing my day to day tasks
I’m not blogging ;), if anyone asks.

So I’m excited about tonight, because I’m going to go out, drink and be witty,
And in the morning I’m taking a bus to the big city!
Oh what fun it will be to be out and around town,
I won’t think about work – that would make me feel down.

I will be with good friends and have oh so much fun
Yay, this weekend will truly be an awesome one!
It stinks when it’s cold, windy and biting
But the winter months are always so exciting.

There’s holiday music all over the air,
And hot chocolate milk for people to share.
Lights, wreaths, and random decor fill the street,
And you are met with kind smiles by all the people you meet.

Because it’s the end of the year, and people come together
Everyone is warm, in spite of the cold weather.
So yay for this Friday, this second Friday in November.
I bet this weekend will be awesome, an awesome one to remember =)

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