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Week 9.5

David has been out of town and has been too busy to call, I presume. I made a playlist of songs to reflect how sad this made me. I titled the playlist “Sad 2011,” which seems a bit dramatic, but I thought if I named it “Sad – July 2011,” it would seem as though being sad was a monthly occurrence, and that’s not the case. And if I named it, “David didn’t call” it would suggest the songs were all phone inspired, and that is also not the case.

I think the playlist name is appropriate because I don’t have enough material to make numerous, specific sad playlists. By naming it Sad 2011 it can be a go-to sad list. So if I’m sad David did not call, I can use the playlist, or if I’m sad because there’s no congressional consensus on the budget, I can use the playlist. It’s a robust playlist title.

Here is the song I feel reflects my mood best:

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