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After Hours

In my youth, I would listen to Glen Hollis wax poetic about love and then select a choice tune to reflect the staggering loneliness, passion, or regret his caller had just confided to him about. I loved to listen to the program, and because I was a teenager, I judged people for being so woefully tragic. “You miss your husband, who is spending every night working late with his secretary, huh?” I would snicker, and continue, “You may not be wise to what is going on, but I am. I’ve watched enough Lifetime specials to know what is up. And it is not your husband’s work ethic. It’s something else. Something that might make you angry. I mean I don’t know. Maybe he is working hard. Why do I assume the worst? Glen, Glen why don’t I believe in love? Forget this caller! What song will cure my jaded, lonely heart?! Will my next sixteen years be as romantically dull as my first sixteen?! GLEN!?”

Those fun times are behind me, and Glen no longer hosts the after hours radio program. Now, there is Delilah, a female, syndicated version of Glen Hollis. Delilah shares his empathetic tone and affinity for soft rock, but there is something slightly different about her. I couldn’t put my finger on it until tonight, when I heard the following:

Female caller: Hello! I just wanted to call in. I feel so lucky to have a wonderful family, and two wonderful children.
Delilah: Do you feel lucky, or blessed?
Me (I’m always part of the conversation): Pop quiz, hot shot! Lucky or blessed?
Female caller: Um?
Delilah: Do you feel lucky, or blessed to have two wonderful children?
Female caller: Well, at first I could not have children, but now I have two. So that is lucky.
Delilah: If you could not have children before, but now you have them, that is God’s work.
Me: Perhaps with some luck thrown in from the adoption agency.
Female caller: Uh
Me: Obviously you got the answer wrong, dummy. Methinks this call did not go as you expected it would.
Delilah: (cutting her off) I know just the song for you, and I am going to play it, for your blessed good fortune.

And then Steve Winwood’s Higher Love started to play. I’m sure it was a toss up between that and Madonna’s Like a Prayer.

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