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Aging Well

Some classy things I’ve done in the past week:

No no.
No no.

1) Telling the car rental person, “No no, you can’t be serious,” after she presented me with a black Scion as my rental car. “That looks like a hearse; I’m going to back it into a pole in my parking garage.”

“So you …want a different car.”

“Yes, absolutely. Why is that Scion on the consumer market? Wait. Is it even for sale on the consumer market?”

“You can have a Rav4.”

“Thank you.”

2) Explaining to my sister that I can’t help with Thanksgiving dinner because my outfit was too nice to risk dirtying.

3) Canceling my pending order on “No, I will not try again later, I will compromise on buying clothing in the incorrect size because these are great prices, but I will not tolerate technical issues.”

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