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Blog blog, how have you been?
Do you have any idea of the mess I’m in?

I’m not really in a mess blog, I just wanted to grab your attention. Did I do it? Have I captivated you with that rhyming question? Or…

Blog blog, do you hate me so
After learning my intro was pretty much faux?

Okay, enough playing around. It’s time to focus blog! Tomorrow is Citizenship Day, and unfortunately I don’t get the day off. I’m a patriot, but my company refuses to pay for me to take a day off to re-read our nation’s constitution. It’s tragic, dear blog. Just think of all the things I could have done! I could have re-read the constitution, I could have watched This is America Charlie Brown: The Birth of the Constitution, I could have reviewed my favorite excepts from the Federalist Papers. Oh blog! Just think of the homage I could have paid to commemorate this nation’s proudest day!

In more unfortunate news, blog, I have a cold. It’s awful. I have to sneeze, and the nose runs, and I feel such fatigue. Also, methinks my forehead is feverish. I’ve been staying hydrated blog, but maybe I need to do more! Having a cold is so disheartening – my fortress is under attack. What was once a paragon of human vitality has been challenged, compromised, and left in a weakened state. Am I being dramatic, blog? Probably, but you didn’t know what it was like to be me sans cold. I was glorious. *sigh*


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