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An Ode to David’s Electronics

David I love your dark curly hair.
It matches all of the cool outfits you wear.
And it matches your electronics very much as well,
But all of those items are not as swell.

I think you have a terrible addiction –
Thankfully not a medical affliction
But you love new gadgets, you really do.
Not having the new google phone makes you blue!

And you research new tablets all the time,
But I really can’t tell why each is sublime.
So you tell me, excitedly, about the new feature,
Alas it’s like speaking to a foreign creature.

It all looks the same, but it brings you such glee!
I do like to see you look so very happy
And I’ll be supportive, not be a boor,
But boy will I be mad if this love makes us poor.

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