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Another Ode to David

David I love your short curly hair.
I love your cowboy hat that sits on the chair.
And I like the hat you bought in Phoenix.
It’s like your hat collection embraced a remix.

And I like your sunglasses, the aviators the most,
They’re prescription too, I’ll hear you boast.
And I like your shoes, pretty much every one.
Wait – I won’t be sad when your flip flops are done.

Your jeans are great too! They’re blue and faded.
They’re hip and current and not at all dated.
And your new socks are in fun patterns like argyle
I hope the bright colored ones stay bright for a while.

But more than these accessories, I prefer the base
What I mean by that line is I like your face!
And I’m so excited for you to come home
I wrote you this awkwardly rhyming poem.

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