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Appointment Recap

Hello! Fresh material! Hot off the presses!

We had an antenatal appointment today where they wanted to look at her heart and her spine. We have these appointments because I am high risk: over 35 and IVF.

There were portions of her they weren’t able to see last time during a full scan because she was moving too much.
Today she was facing my back and refused to turn around, even after the technician prodded a lot, had me move to my sides, go to the bathroom, move around. Baby refused to turn. So they saw her spine the entire time, but they were not able to examine her heart. We heard her heartbeat, honestly still my favorite sound in the world right now.

Part of me is wondering whether she was like, “Ehem, where is my morning croissant? Why would I move before receiving that?”

The scans we did see looked like Rorschach tests. Nothing looked like anything to us, but the technician was like, “Here are her kidneys…here is her foot, this is her stomach.”

There is one image I did see that stood out to me. One of the angles of her heart looked to me like the image of a woman holding a giant bow and arrow. I wanted to ask David to take a picture, but photos aren’t allowed. But I saw it twice, I really did. It looked a little like below, but in black and white. The bow was bigger than the one in this image. It made me excited. And then I thought, “Maybe the name we picked for her won’t fit this warrior heart she has revealed to me.” I might be overthinking it.

Since she was facing my spine the entire time, they also could not see her face, which is supposed to be fully formed by now. I didn’t mind that. She will reveal herself when she chooses, perhaps when it’s time to attack!

Anyway we have to go back Tuesday so they can look again.

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