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Captain’s Log: Day 2

I’m concerned about mental deterioration, as the crew is starting to have self-contained conversations. For example, I heard the following:

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. I didn’t get you anything.  Did you get me anything? Let’s not exchange gifts. Let’s not celebrate Valentine’s day. That sounds good. You’re okay with that, right? Okay good.”

I was foremost concerned with the crew’s cognitive well-being. What could have inspired such gibberish? Was he aware of what he was saying? Did he know I could hear what he was saying? Why did he not wait for a response? I was puzzled by this recent behavior. Such lunacy could only be attributed to mind-altering drugs and sleep-deprivation. I was sure of it.

“Are you okay?” I asked casually. Usually I wouldn’t use such informal diction for my people, but this was an emergency.

“Yeah, I’m just overwhelmed with work. There are so many things on my plate,” he sincerely responded.

“Ah.” So this Valentine’s Day, to prove that even the strictest captains have a heart, I’m giving the crew a pass.

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