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Day 29, Sort of

This morning David administered a package of Cetrotide, per instructions we received last night. Cetrotide is to prevent ovulation. And tonight he will administer a lower dose of Gonal F and a higher dose of Menapur. Gonal F is to stimulate the follicles and Menapur is to help stimulate the follicles and ovulation. It sounds like these drugs are all fighting each other, but the gist of it is that they’re trying to grow a bunch of follicles (rather than just one) at the same time so they can extract a handful of eggs.

The nurses recommend avoiding exercise during this process, but you are allowed to walk. It’s raining outside, so I roamed the building hallways a little, got the mail, and put my registration stickers on my car license plate. You’re also supposed to limit twisting motions, and it has made me a little more conscious of how often I’m twisting in general. Whether it’s sleeping, sitting on the couch, or even sitting at my desk, for some reason my body is rarely entirely facing forward.

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