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Good Vibrations

Yesterday, David and I were discussing schizophrenia. We talked about how if one of us had it, there would have been signs by now. After running through a list of symptoms, we decided we were in the clear. In case you are wondering, yes, this is what we do in our free time. We pick devastating problems and then self-assess*.

This morning at around 4:45am, I was sitting at my computer, typing away, when all of the sudden, I felt a vibration through the home. It was a very bizarre feeling. My first thought was that extra-terrestrial powers had casually passed through. This first thought is not as outlandish as it may seem: earlier that evening, Fox News had covered reports of an unidentified flying object that the government was aware of, but did not want to comment on. If you’re wondering why I was watching Fox News in the first place, I’ll tell you: The Daily Show was on repeat, and I figured I would just cut out the middle man for my laughs.

Anyway, I quickly decided that I would not share my theory about the extra-terrestrials passing through because it would undermine all the progress we had made just a few hours earlier determining that neither of us had schizophrenia**. I decided to pretend nothing had happened and the house was just shifting, as houses are wont to do.

Long post short, I breathed a sigh of relief at 11am when Connor emailed asking if we had felt the earthquake. An earthquake!

*This is not what we do in our free time.
**Or make me sound like a crazy person.

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  1. Sean Sean

    wait – was it Connor or Connor* ?

    * name changed

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