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Hmm. Funny.

While usually I hate saying anything nice about Connor, I will make an exception today:

What Connor lacks in personality and looks, he makes up for in writing.

It’s true, Connor wrote something that made me laugh out loud. Here is the context. There’s this song I like, by Mike Posner, called “Cooler Than Me.” You can listen to it here:

David hates this song. I played it for him, he thought about it, and then he finally said, “I’m sorry. I would rather listen to someone scrape their fingernails against a chalkboard.”

I shared the song with Connor, and he also hated it. He wrote,
I would rather listen to you talk about your decision process in purchasing one of your new outfits, rather that listen to that crap-ass song:

“You see, originally I was going to get a black blouse with a white skirt. BUT then I saw this black skirt that I absolutely fell in love with (because I don’t have that many of those). And then I wondered what would go with a black skirt? And the answer was obvious: a white blouse! But then I noticed the skirt actually had some CHARCOAL in it, which is normally too glitzy for me, but I was feeling adventurous that day so I bought it anyways.”

Connor’s response is poking fun at my affinity for wearing black and white clothing. He’s a fool, however, because black and white clothing is beautiful. Nevertheless, I laughed out loud and maybe you smirked too.

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  1. I agree with you; my blog IS better than yours.

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