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How to Get a Mentor

As you know, after my workshop last year, I was inspired to pursue sketch writing really actively. This past weekend I attended another workshop taught by not-my-mentor-yet-but-I-will-make-it-so-through-trickery-if-necessary.

During the workshop this weekend, I asked the instructor, Kevin McDonald from the Canadian 90s show, Kids in the Hall, what the next steps are. I told him that since the first workshop I took with him last year, I’ve been writing. He said the next steps are to re-write and ask people I trust to take a look and give feedback.

“I’ve re-written all my sketches seven times,” I said, without breaking eye-contact.

He continued, “Good, then you ask people in the industry, like me, to take a look.” This was the opening I had hoped for.

I said hesitantly, “Would you…look at my work?”

And he said, “Yes, because I know you, I remember you from last time, and you are funny. I will take a look.”

I was over the moon! I might have hopped giddily right in front of him.

Then I immediately said, “I have my portfolio here!” and reached into my bag.

He looked surprised and said, “Don’t give it to me now!”

And I was crestfallen.

He said, “Wait until the end of the day, so I don’t lose it between when you give it to me and when I go back.”

So then at the end of the day, I cornered him again! He said, “I’m going to watch soccer, give it to me tomorrow!”

So at the end of Sunday, I ran after him and asked for a picture and asked if I could give him my folder. He finally took it! Then someone else gave him something and said, “This is that thing we were talking about.” And Kevin put it into my folder. I hope he doesn’t confuse that one pager with my work! That would be a disaster! Who knows what was on that one-pager?!

I haven’t heard back yet, but it has only been 27 hours since I gave him my folder.

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