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How to Look Good with an Eyepatch

Forgive me, the title of this post is misleading. I don’t really know how to look good with an eyepatch. I do, however, know how to look with an eyepatch. Here’s how to look with an eyepatch.

1. Glare with your remaining eye.
2. Wink with your remaining eye.
3. Remind people to look into your good eye.

That’s all I can really think of.

Why the eyepatch? Well, this Valentine’s weekend, I got an eye infection. These things are expensive. With insurance, the eyedrops cost $72, the eyepatch, which I only bought because the infected eye looks a bit hideous, cost $4, and the appointment cost $40. I also threw out my contacts and the cases they were in, so I would estimate that to be another $30. Cost of asking David if I still looked okay and him pretending it wasn’t that bad while he twitched uncomfortably? Priceless.

Update 02/16/2010 – During my check-up today, learned that my eye was not infected. Rather, the contact had been suffocating my eye, and my eye had responded as though there was trauma to the eye. The antibiotics were to ensure my eye would not get infected in its weakened state. I shan’t be wearing contacts for a while. Stay tuned for a post on the glory of glasses.

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