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Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Well, it seems Father Winter has returned, this time with a vengeance. Our area received almost 30 inches of snow. Can you believe it! 30 inches! Encroyable! I spent the weekend shovelin’ and diggin’, dispersing the white powder the good Lord brought us. It was invigorating.

Then, I walked around and judged my neighbors for their shoveling efforts. If they did a formidable job shoveling their driveway, I gave them a rating of seven shovels. If they cleared out their driveway, but dumped all their snow into the street making it difficult for neighbors to get by, I gave them a rating of two shovels – for being inconsiderate. If they looked like they began shoveling and found the gusting winds and continuing snowfall made it futile, I gave them a rating of three shovels. If it looked like they had not even left the house to shovel off their porch and steps, I gave them no shovels, and a disapproving shake of the head.

While we were shoveling, I also asked my brother if he would like to join me in making a snowman. “It will be whimsical and fun!” I explained, fondly remembering our younger days in the snow.

To my dismay, he replied angrily, “I would rather go inside and do math problems.” I didn’t expect that answer.

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