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How to Read Life Lines on Palms

Hello Loyal Readers!

The holiday season is upon us, which means we have many a holiday party to attend, and many a conversation to have. And what better gift can I give you than an outstanding conversation piece? That was a rhetorical question, of course. Conversation pieces are the best gift ever.

Drumroll please: I give you…. the knowledge necessary to read palms. That’s right – after viewing this video, you will be able to read the life lines on palms. So, if you are standing around, chatting with people, and silence ensues, you may politely say, “Oh! You know, I recently learned a little about palm reading. May I?” and then reach for someone’s left hand.

Now, conventionally, you would only view the how-to video. Maybe you would retain the information, but you probably wouldn’t.

What I am about to give you is more than just an instructive video. This video is INTERACTIVE!

What does that mean? Duh! It means that you will learn more from the video the first time around because it forces you to prove you are paying attention and keeps you engaged.

You’re welcome.

Let me know your thoughts, and of course, Merry Happy!

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  1. Shiva Shiva

    I must say I really love this new push to move the instruction of how to act horribly awkward in social situations into the 21st century. Congratulations. I hope your holiday parties are just lovely.

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