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I'm Irritable

I’m having one of those “over-reacting to everything” sort of days.

For example, one of my employees put something in reverse chronological order. I stared at the numbers, and then angrily thought, “WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! YOU KNOW THE RULES! MY DAY IS RUINED!”

And then, I re-ordered it, all the while shaking my head irritably. This task took a whole minute.

I also have this pen that is very messy. Often, more ink comes out of it than necessary. Today, in my heightened state of annoyance, I seriously considered replacing the pen – throwing it away, even. I know, a strong move, but that’s just how irritated I was. Instead, recognizing that I shouldn’t make these kinds of decisions when I am not thinking rationally, I put a cap on the pen and vowed to use the computer to jot down notes and tasks today. Anything that absolutely must be written on paper will be written with my highlighter, a writing utensil that has never leaked on me.

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