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Introspection Framed by Current Events

We are possibly hiring a new employee, if she’ll have us. One of my bosses has given her my phone number and encouraged her to give me a call to learn more about the company and ask me any questions she might have about working in our environment. “Be honest,” I was instructed.
“Okay,” I agreed.

But agreeing to such a task has forced me to brainstorm potential conversations, inspired by recent events. If she called me at this very moment, this is how the conversation would go:

Her: Hi I’m ____, and ___ told me to give you a call, do you have a moment? I wanted to ask you some questions about the company.
Me: Yes hello! I’m so glad you’ve called. And I absolutely do have a moment.
Her: Well thanks!
Me: So, I suspect you are going to ask the question the late Steve Jobs presented during his Stanford graduation speech. “If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, would I want to be spending today doing what I’m doing?”
Her: Uh
Me: Well to be honest, I think that’s a frighteningly personal question, and I’m a little surprised you would ask it.
Her: I did not ask it.
Me: Right. Listen, I think it’s a great question, so don’t worry too much about that.
Her: Uh
Me: And it’s culturally relevant.
Her: Yes.
Me: So, the answer is probably no. I mean, if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would freak out and spend my time trying to squeeze in so much that I might explode pre-foretold-disaster.
Her: Okay.
Me: But if I had to select a small handful of activities, no, I’d probably be working on a book. I would love to write a really great story.
Her: Well what is stopping you?
Me: You are full of great questions today.
Her: Fine.
Me: I don’t know.
Her: So…would you recommend joining this company?
Me: Yeah.

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