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Lobster Rolls

My period is three days late, but my pregnancy tests are negative. On Sunday morning I woke up with my hands on my belly, because I dreamt I was four months pregnant. As my eyes opened, I knew the only baby I was carrying was a food baby, and specifically, a lobster roll food baby, because earlier I had eaten three, buttery, juicy lobster rolls.

I did a google search for other people with a similar condition (late period and negative pregnancy test, not a lobster roll food baby). One person turned out to be pregnant, and two people ended up miscarrying.

So here we are. I suspect I worked myself up into such a tizzy over starting IVF that my anxiety stopped my nearly clockwork cycle this month. I can’t even attribute this missed period to weight loss, because I have not been losing weight.

Below is a picture of ONE of the lobster rolls I ate. It’s from High Roller Lobster in Portland, Maine. We ate at this restaurant twice: Thursday night and Sunday for lunch. I have no regrets about the number of lobster rolls I consumed. If I physically could have, I would eaten more.

High Roller Lobster Roll
High Roller Lobster

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