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Prequel: First Writing Workshop

Big news friend! I have signed up for a sketch writing workshop. It’s my first sketch writing workshop, so I’m not sure how to pack. I’ve set aside a really nice empty notebook, free of any cluttered previous thoughts, made of 100% recycled paper. I also wrote down the directions to the venue.

I’m going to pack a pen. Wait, no, two pens. A red pen and a black pen, so that I can red-line my own notes. I will also pack a mechanical pencil, in case my pens run into any kind of pen shenanigans. I hope no one asks if I have an extra pen to borrow, because I will be forced to either

a) Say yes, and compromise my infallible note-taking strategy
b) Say no, and create mild discomfort when I start switching between my red and black ink pens and my unprepared classmate takes notice

I think I will also pack bottled water, because hydration is key.

Next blog post: a sketch!

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