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Rules of Book Club

The first rule of Book Club is: You talk about Book Club. You read; you are elite. People can’t see that by just looking at you, so you have to tell them. Drop it casually in conversation.

For example:

Not-in-book-club Person: I have gotten so many dates from OkCupid.
You: I am reading my book for book club.

The second rule of Book Club is: You talk about book club. People want what they cannot have, and what they cannot have is membership into book club. The only way to make them aware of this staggering hole in their lives is to flaunt your membership.

Third rule of Book Club: Someone makes an observation, shares a supporting passage, cites a third party source, the debate is over.

Fourth rule: Only 8 people to a meeting.

Fifth rule: One comment at a time, people.

Sixth rule: No shoes.

Seventh rule: Discussions will continue as long as the book has compelling topics.

Eighth and final rule: If this is your first book at Book Club, you have to impress everyone so that you are not voted off.

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