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Stretching for Reflection

This morning I saw a small spider crawl into my work bag. Rather then empty out my bag and try to kill the thing, I decided to be merciful and let it stay there. I don’t know if it’s still in there, but now, I walk around, carrying my bag way out in front of me just in case the spider decides to crawl out. It’s rather ridiculous because I won’t even put stuff in the bag. I stumbled out of my car with a fairly empty bag in one hand held at a distance, and a sweater, some lunch, my wallet, and my keys all in my other hand. The spider has made me look like a fool.

I will set it free (kick it out of my bag) during my lunch break.

In more interesting news, I am feeling very patriotic and have posted an American flag in my cubicle. The flag has replaced the giant fish I posted earlier. Such news is completely blog-worthy because…because…okay I’m really low on material.

Sharing the news about my cubicle decor has taught me a lot about myself. Specifically, it has taught me how self-involved I am. It takes an impressively self-interested person to think other people would care to read such information.  Self-involved people are rare in this world, so let’s hope I never change.

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