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The Beginning

I originally ran into some trouble setting up this website, so late on Friday night, I called tech support asking for some help.  I could almost hear the young man on the other end snicker when he saw my domain name – I’m Awkward.  I thought about saying, “Look buddy, I’m not the one stuck on tech support duty on a Friday night. Make no mistake. You are socially inferior to me,” but decided against it.   Anyway, this blog is here to share my awkward experiences.  These will range from social absurdities I experience during work to embarrassing encounters in restaurants to public transportation blunders.  I’ll try to end every entry with thoughtful reflection that applies to the real world a la Grey’s Anatomy, SATC, and Scrubs.  I’ll start with this entry:   

Talking with the tech support representative made me realize that people do funny things with their Friday nights. Some people like to work on their website (picture of me in front of my computer), other people like working for pay (picture of tech support guy), and some people, some people like to drink (shot of me, looking up from my computer, picking up my binoculars and staring out the window into the apartment across the street, watching a lonely older woman chug beer and throw things violently.) 

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