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To Wait or Not to Wait

After Saturday’s “Sketch-writing” competition, an organizer and an actor approached me about joining their sketch writing team. “Your sketch was spot on,” she said. “We’re a team of seven writers and a handful of actors, and that’s just the kind of dark humor we’re looking for.”

I didn’t think my sketch was particularly dark. I replied: “Yeah, if that’s the kind of piece you’re looking for, that’s totally the kind of brooding writer I am.”

She correctly interpreted this as a sign of my interest, and she continued, pointing to the gentleman next to her: “Sean here, is one of our actors.”

“I love writing sketches for Sean.” I said, “Sean doesn’t know me, so I realize this might sound odd or creepy, but I have watched him, and I write sketches with him in mind.”

Sean raised his eyebrow thoughtfully, “I’m more flattered than creeped out.” Classic Sean. What a guy.

“I just love his acting style,” I continued, justifying my writing methodology. Obviously I didn’t have to do that, but I wanted to, so she would understand I am a serious writer who could be part of their team.

Sean walked away.

The organizer continued, “We’re a committed group.”

“I’m committed too,” I said, hoping she didn’t think much of my choice of words, especially after that whole Sean weirdness.

“We have a google doc where we store all of our sketches and review them,” she explained.

“I think google docs are great,” I replied. “Great for collaboration.”

She nodded, “We do the whole thing: write, produce for web, practice for live performances. We think DC is ready for sketch. Are you interested in these other components? Acting, producing, or are you just interested in writing?”

“This sounds great,” I replied. “I’m interested in the other components, but I’m primarily interested in writing. I don’t project very well as an actor.”

“Me too,” she said. “I’m not so great at projecting.”

I nodded, because I had seen her perform.

“So let me get your email, and I will send you a note and details,” she said.

I was in. I was in. I was in. So I gave her my email. Then I said, “Do you want to give me your email, in case you don’t contact me?”

“No that’s okay, I just need your email,” she said.

“And you’ll definitely email me?” I asked.

“Yes…” she said.

And she hasn’t emailed me yet! I know I wrote down my email correctly, because I know my email address by heart, and I have extraordinary penmanship.

I don’t really know what to do: should I email her, or should I wait? I want to be part of a sketch-writing group!

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