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Charged Enthusiasm

Blog! Did you know I was in the midst of writing a great novel? No? Well neither did I! Perhaps that’s because I am not in the midst of writing a great novel. No novel, blog, rather I am in the midst of doing my reading for my literature classes.


They are positively wonderful!  Did you know that Shakespeare was an actor as well as a writer? They suspect part of the reason he was able to easily convert prose into script was his familiarity with performing on stage.  And did you know that Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale was perhaps a fresh response to Roberte Greene’s scathing Groats-worth of Wit bought with a Million of Repentance ? In it, Greene rails against actors who write and accuses Shakespeare of plagiarism.  Personally blog, I think Shakespeare was an early (and great) re-mediator. Putting narratives to plays is necessary, for as the Second Gentleman in The Winter’s Tale says, “Such a deal of wonder is broken out within this hour, that ballad-makers cannot be able to express it.”  (5.2.21)  Blog, we can’t always just write about things. Duh.  Sometimes people have to see to understand.

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