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Would I Call Myself a Hero? Yes.

Today at Panera’s I had the most delicious cafe mocha. After taking my first sip, I stared at the cup in disbelief. I had also ordered a chocolate croissant to complement the mocha, and had I known how delicious the mocha was going to be, I would not have ordered the croissant. I digress. Let us continue with the story.

So, there I was – really impressed with the froth on my mocha and the perfect amount of chocolate syrup. I began to neglect the croissant, only taking one bite every five minutes.

Then, a stranger approached. He mumbled something about whether I was done with my croissant. I nodded, and he started to take my plate with the croissant away.

For some reason, I thought, “He is taking my croissant because he is hungry. He is going to eat my croissant, and I should let him eat it, because I’m not particularly interested in it.”

A second later, because I am sharp as a tack, it dawned on me that he was a bus-boy, and he was taking my half croissant to throw it away. I leaped out of my chair, reached for the croissant, and said, “No no no no no! I’m not done eating that,” and rescued the bland and inferior-to-the-mocha croissant from a fate worse than being eaten by me.

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  1. HJW HJW

    Well all I can say is that you totally misunderstood what I was doing. Didn’t you see the bug that had walked across your plate and then fell off the table top …dead? It was huge, ugly and belly up and you missed it. I couldn’t have you eat that croissant after what I saw and then what I imagined, like where had the bug been before he nibbled at your treat and then when he immediately died…well so much for Panera’s….and wait till I let the newsmedia know about their products but then …you….open your eyes…look around…and don’t always assume that someone is trying to do you out of a perfectly half eaten croissant.
    Crest fallen or at something like that.

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