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XOXO Hairbands

Have you seen the summer stop-motion? I wasn’t going to post for a while, because I wanted to make sure you saw it.

Did you?

I’ll wait in case you want to watch it again. Go on! All you have to do is scroll down a little.

Okay, now let’s talk about something very important. Fashion. I fancy myself a bit of a fashionista – I know a lot about fashion. In my current office, I’m usually the best dressed person. The other guy wears sweats a lot.

Anyway, on this past Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, Dan, now apparently an authority on being cool, took Blair’s yellow hairband and said, “Hairbands are for high-schoolers.” He then threw her hairband down the stairs. I gasped.

(Image courtesy of Gossip Girl Insider)no-headbands-in-college

I immediately knew what I had to do. With the stealth of a fox, I looked around the room and smoothly slipped off the hairband I was wearing and chucked it into my bag.

Then, I loudly snickered, “It’s about time Blair stopped wearing headbands,” for good measure.


Confession. That’s not really how it all went down. Instead, as I watched Dan fling Blair’s headband into the stairwell, I gulped.

I was swallowing sadness.

I love hairbands, and I have five, and now I have to think twice before I wear them because apparently they’re for high schoolers.

Gossip Girl giveth and Gossip Girl taketh away.

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