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Married out of my intellectual league.

Me: David, what’s the most powerful movie you’ve seen recently? One that really stuck with you?

David: Hmm, I’d have to say, Incendies.

Me: Oh…the French Canadian psychological thriller?

David: Yes, that one really stands out.

Me: Interesting, let’s move on.

David: Wait, what’s yours?

Me: It’s not important.

David: Let me guess, Neighbors 2?

Me: That was also a good movie. But no, I was thinking, Zootopia. That really resonated with me.

David: Mmhmm.

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Rules of Book Club

The first rule of Book Club is: You talk about Book Club. You read; you are elite. People can’t see that by just looking at you, so you have to tell them. Drop it casually in conversation.

For example:

Not-in-book-club Person: I have gotten so many dates from OkCupid.
You: I am reading my book for book club.

The second rule of Book Club is: You talk about book club. People want what they cannot have, and what they cannot have is membership into book club. The only way to make them aware of this staggering hole in their lives is to flaunt your membership.

Third rule of Book Club: Someone makes an observation, shares a supporting passage, cites a third party source, the debate is over.

Fourth rule: Only 8 people to a meeting.

Fifth rule: One comment at a time, people.

Sixth rule: No shoes.

Seventh rule: Discussions will continue as long as the book has compelling topics.

Eighth and final rule: If this is your first book at Book Club, you have to impress everyone so that you are not voted off.

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Movie Review: Her

Her is about a divorcé who falls in love with his operating system. I would venture to guess it takes place some time between 1984 and 2029, as I believe it’s also part of the Terminator origin story.

This movie was really delightful. I give it eight ear buds.


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On The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug

You know how all software developers became despondent after seeing The Social Network? They thought, “Why didn’t I build Facebook? I could have been a billionaire.” That’s how I felt after seeing The Hobbit 2. I thought, “Why wasn’t I born an elf? I could have been a skilled archer.”

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Movie Review: Side Effects

If you’re looking for a psychological thriller that confirms your suspicions about the mentally depressed, look no further than Side Effects, a movie that stars the haunting Rooney Mara and intriguing Jude Law. Because I don’t like movie reviews that give away too much, that’s all I can say here.

I give this movie 8 pills!

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Buying a Movie Ticket

When it comes to purchasing movie tickets online, I’m what you would call a kept woman. David takes care of all online movie ticket purchases for me. I haven’t had to use that wizardry in years. Well today I wanted to buy a movie ticket, and I went to the movie theater website. The website was so slow! Even as I type this, the second page on the site is loading. ANGELIKA FILM CENTER – I DUB THEE THE SLOWEST WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET. Are they hosting the actual movies on the site?

I frantically emailed David to ask what website he uses to buy tickets. Fandango! He replied. Of course! I should have remembered the charming ads with the talking paper bags.

Fandango did not disappoint. They have nailed this whole movie ticket buying process. All I had to do was enter in my email and credit card information. Then, this is the part that was most impressive: I was offered the opportunity to have the ticket sent to my cell phone to eliminate the need for swiping my credit card at the theater to print the tickets.  This was uplifting proof to me that the arc of the technical universe is long, but it bends toward efficiency.

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Monday Movie Review: Silver Lining Playbook

Let us continue with the new schedule! On Mondays, I endeavor to provide you compelling reviews of movies I have seen. The top of the post will have a movie poster, because that will be visually appealing. Beneath the poster will be the most thoughtful, perhaps provocative, and no-spoilers sort of review that will make you grateful you checked in here before seeing the movie.

Silver Linings Playbook Poster

Today’s movie is Silver Lining Playbook. We saw it on Sunday.

This movie is very good. I give it 18 Bells.
18 Bells

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