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A New Approach to Parking Tickets

I saw the classiest thing the other day. These two guys returned to their car, and the person in the passenger side saw that there was a parking ticket. He took the ticket, shook his head, and showed the ticket to the driver, who also shook his head. Then they got into their car and continued their evening, driving off. That was it.

Usually, when I get a parking ticket, I do the exact opposite of what I witnessed. “WHAT IS THIS?!” I yell indignantly. And I know what it is, and since I am holding it, I continue rhetorically, “IS THIS A PARKING TICKET?! WHAT THE HELL!”

Holding back tears, I look around for the signs that justify the infuriating piece of paper. Then I yell at the sign, which is usually hidden behind a bush or on the other side of a meter in small font. “NO ONE SEES YOU.” And then I yell again, “NO ONE SEES THIS!” in hopes that there is a meter maid nearby who will hear me and make a mental note to recommend that the city invest in larger parking signs.

After concluding my investigative work, I embark on an anti-city-government tirade with the type of vitriol that should probably be reserved for like, murderers or health insurance agencies.

However, after seeing these two gentlemen, and how calmly they treated the occasion, I have made a mental note to adopt a new approach to receiving a parking ticket. Hopefully I won’t have an opportunity to try it out soon.

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