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An Ode to David’s Tennis

David I love your fun curly hair
I love playing tennis as a pair
And even more fun than playing together
Is when we play against one another.

Your backhand is weak, it is not strong
And so I hit to it non-stop, that’s not wrong
It’s for your own good, it’ll make you better
One day it’ll be perfect; by the letter!

And I’ve noticed you’ve been coming to net more.
That’s good because the same game is a bore,
And it forces me to practice my net skills.
When we’re both up there it’s a battle of wills.

I plan to win all the battles David, I love to win!
And when you throw your racket it makes me grin.
Because you’re a better player than me I know it’s true.
Anyway it’s fun to play tennis, especially against you.

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